Banjos is late this month because I am mentally ill! I am just working and coming home from work and doing my taxes and being mentally ill!!! Ugh.

I will be at LINEWORK NW this weekend with copies of DREAM OF THE BIRDHEADED MAN, BIRDHEAD ASHCAN 2013, Richard Nixon masks, and postcards. I will be wearing a triangle bird head. Please say hello.


I have been busy worrying about things and taking the Precepts and trying to get taxes in order and also trying to get new work printed and a new mask made in time for Linework NW. Like I said before, WE WILL BE AT LINEWORK NW. PLEASE SAY HELLO TO THE BIRD HEAD.

Pictures below:

Pen with no pencil. Kycilia loves nitrous oxide! I love drawing Kycilia kind of high, she has funny little eyes.

Some bird drawings. Also a self portrait with sad chubby bird midsection, from too much snacks and not enough running around.

Cima Garahau from 0083. She is huge and beautiful and wants you to steal shit for her. I want to do some pictures of her in color; there is something wonderful about her posture and her absolute not caring about anything, not anything at all.

My hands are better. More drawing!


i been ignoring my duties as a bonertown content creator for a while so why not share the thing I have been cussing at most often recently.

The gsxr is now a rolling chassis. The front end is completely ready for action except for a few small things, mainly:

  • I am missing 2 of the lower triple tree pinch bolts (they are on their way from Bikebandit)
  • I need the special tool so I can torque down my steering locknuts (thanks, Suzuki).
  • I need to drain and disassemble my front brake system, so I can reassemble it around my front end. May have to make a cable guide since it’s two lines now, not the stock set up.
  • i need to drop the yokes about 4mm, eyeballing it I mounted em too high. Also the brakelines are a little tight.

Yeah. So now I guess I know how to rebuild a sportbike’s front end. I will spare you the details, it was dumb and messy, and I bled a little. I wanna give a shout out to Suzuki for all the special tools they want me to buy.

Once I get the above done I get to move on to mounting the engine, and as it is I am about 90% sure I have all the hardware I need for that, but it’s worth a check. There is another goddamn special tool for these castle nuts used to hold the engine in, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna buy one of those when I already own a dremel, and can get a socket to carve for a few bucks. I think there’s a total of 8 bolts holding this thing in though, so it probably wont be hard to mount the engine in the frame, but running the wiring harness and connecting everything up is bound to be fun. I will be sure to come make noise about it on here when I get started.

Here’s some pics


ran out of yuzu incense


i was sick for the last month, as it turned out. getting better now. please enjoy some sketches.

more karura. i am going to start drawing karura from photographs of soldiers, because finding a good pose is difficult.

just half finished things

bird. this loose style is so appealing to me. i think it looks better in person.


in the days when the young regent was consolidating her power a lot of people got the old “Exit Interview”. The old “Terminal Promotion”. The old “Walking the Suck”. The old “Gone to Glory”. In the paperwork galaxy Cima’s boss and many other high-ranking Zeonic retreaters have a wonderful surprise waiting for them: The experience of water boiling right off their tongue in the unforgiving vacuum.

I am going to color this in, but I like the lines and pose so much that I give it to you now.

Haman likes weed. Haman LOOOOVES weed. Axis Hydro is one of the few amusements available on this dark, hateful rock.