Does Your Partner Have ED

Does Your Partner Have ED? You're Not Alone

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How to Navigate Erectile Dysfunction and Reignite Your Sex Life

Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as ED, is as frustrating for partners as it is for the men experiencing it. If your partner suffers from ED, you might be able to help address the problem by becoming an involved part of the solution.

Thankfully, erectile dysfunction is no longer the taboo subject it was years ago. This doesn’t mean, however, that ED is an easy problem for a man to handle. Guys who can’t get and maintain an erection often feel embarrassed, ashamed, or even guilty about letting their partners down in the bedroom.

Even worse, the more times a guy experiences a failure to launch, the deeper his anxiety over ED tends to become, which only exacerbates the problem and takes an even more significant toll on his sexual prowess.

Why ED is Also Tough on Partners

Erectile dysfunction is an equally severe problem for partners, especially those in a loving relationship who long to express their affection physically. Many partners have no idea how to handle ED, what to say to their partners, or what they can do to help remedy the problem. In fact, in many ways, ED is even more difficult for partners because they feel helpless, frustrated, and concerned for the man they love (and their sex lives) all at the same time.

So, what can you, as a partner, do to work through erectile dysfunction and save your sex life? We offer seven good tips below, but the first thing you must be willing to do is get involved. Which means your partner has to be willing to accept your involvement.

Solving issues with ED gets emotionally easier and physically more effective when you both get on the same page and are there to support each other.

7 Ways to Help Your Partner With ED

  1. Start the Conversation

Open communication is an important part of any good relationship, and just because the subject matter is complicated doesn’t mean it can be ignored. If he is too uncomfortable or embarrassed to address his ED with you, then you need to break the ice. Granted, it’s usually not the best idea to start this conversation in the bedroom, particularly in the middle of an ED episode, during which he will likely feel extra vulnerable. Instead, find a time to talk when calmer heads prevail and you both feel more comfortable.

  1. Learn About Erectile Dysfunction

ED is easier to talk about when you know what you’re talking about. There are a lot of reasons a guy can have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, including anxiety, depression, medications, poor circulation, low testosterone, heart disease, enlarged prostate, obesity, and other medical conditions. The more you know about erectile dysfunction, the more productive your conversations will address the problem.

  1. Discuss Non-Prescription Male Performance Enhancers

While not every ED case can be solved by taking male enhancement and health supplements – a lot of men find these natural solutions to be the ticket back to full-on boner strength. They’re also easy to try as they do not require a prescription and can be delivered discreetly to your home. Natural products like HARD Strips male enhancement, the world’s fastest-acting male enhancement formula, can be a great first option to solving erectile dysfunction problems and getting your sex life back on track.

  1. Alleviate Pressure With Alternate Sexual Expressions

Intercourse isn’t the only way to have great sex. Passion can come in a lot of forms, including oral pleasure, fun with flavored lube and toys, and other ways to enjoy each other. Sometimes, a session that doesn’t require an erection is a pleasant diversion because it doesn’t include the pressure to perform with penetration. He might relax enough to get that boner back.

  1. Go to The Doctor With Your Partner

Again, ED impacts you just as much as it affects him. If you want to explore medical treatment options, go to the doctor’s appointment together. By going as a team, you’re also working on the solution as a team. Of course, if he prefers to see the doctor alone and is adamant about it, respect his wishes. There are other ways you can be supportive.

  1. Be Supportive, Not Obsessive

Your support is crucial in overcoming ED. But if what you are trying isn’t solving the issue as fast as you hoped, don’t become obsessed with finding a quick fix. This puts added pressure on him and will likely increase your frustration. Erectile dysfunction is not always easy to solve. But obsessing over it is not the answer.

  1. Help Your Partner Get Boner Healthy

ED is exacerbated by poor health, a lack of exercise, smoking, and drinking too much alcohol. If your partner is damaging his health, he very well might also be damaging your sex life. Talk honestly about lifestyle changes and remind him that they might lead to great sex again.


Erectile dysfunction impacts both of you. In fact, as someone sharing a healthy adult relationship, you have as much right and responsibility to address the issue as he does. On the positive side, we know more about ED today than we ever have in the past, and there are exciting new solutions and male enhancement supplements on the market that might do wonders for your love life.

The key is being ready and willing to work through ED together. If you do that, you’ll likely find a solution that works for you both.

Have any insight or tips on dealing with ED in a relationship? Please share your thoughts with our readers below. Look for more posts on sexual health and enhancement coming soon.

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