Morning Sex is the Best Sex

7 Reasons Why Morning Sex is the Best Sex

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Key Takeaways:

Physical and mental benefits: Morning sex can boost your mood and energy levels and possibly even strengthen your immune system.

Enhanced intimacy: Due to the release of oxytocin, the "love hormone," morning sex can deepen the bond with your partner.

Increased male performance: Higher testosterone levels in the morning may lead to improved sexual performance for men.

Start your day with a bang (and these benefits)!

For a lot of couples, sex in the morning tends to be a pleasant surprise rather than a recurring ritual. But it turns out that morning sex has some pretty major advantages that you might not know about or have considered. In this post, we’ll get into the benefits of waking up and making love. Maybe they’ll spark a little more morning action in your relationship!

Is Sex in the Morning Really Different?

There’s no wrong time to have sex, and it’s certainly one of those things that fall under the ‘different strokes for different folks’ category. Some people are night owls and prefer the conventional sex at bedtime routine. Others are into grabbing some afternoon delight. Some people prefer standard positions, and others like to experiment. Whatever gets you going gets you going; there’s nothing wrong with that.

But those who like sex first thing in the morning seem to have stumbled onto something special. It turns out that sex in the morning is actually different from sex during other times of the day, and it can have some significant physical and mental benefits that you might want to explore. What’s so great about waking up and making love? Here are a few great reasons to give it a go:

Top 7 Reasons To Have Morning Sex

  1. You Might Last Longer!

A lot of males have challenges with early or even premature ejaculation. While male performance enhancement supplements have been shown to improve sexual energy and stamina among men, having sex in the morning might also make a difference. In the morning, hormone levels, including testosterone, are at their highest. A study published in 2000 by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) indicates that higher testosterone levels can lead to firmer erections and, perhaps, improved performance. Not a bad reason to get it on early!

  1. Start The Day With Less Stress

Having sex relieves stress and tension, and, for many people, morning is one of the craziest parts of the day, with hours spent answering emails, fielding the day’s first calls, getting your calendar in order, taking kids to school, etc. Starting the day out with some good sex can help you start the day calmer and ready to tackle whatever comes at you.

  1. Morning Sex Can Boost Productivity

A lot of morning lovers will tell you that waking up and having sex is outstanding for productivity. You feel energized, happier, and more alert, which can help kickstart a more productive day.

  1. You’ll Feel More Bonded With Your Partner

Morning sex is often a deeper bonding experience than sex during other day parts. Sex, in general, releases a hormone called oxytocin, a stress-relieving hormone that many experts refer to as the “love hormone” because it tends to promote a feeling of closeness and connectedness among participants. So, having sex in the morning allows you to start the day feeling particularly close to someone you care about deeply. Better yet, this feeling tends to last throughout the day, which can heighten the connection you share.

  1. Start The Day In A Good Mood

The endorphin rush you get with morning sex can help you greet the day with a positive attitude and a sunnier disposition. Why start the day any other way?

  1. Morning Sex Is Like A Cup Of Coffee

You know the caffeine rush you get after that first or second cup of joe in the morning? Sex can boost your energy levels even more, pumping you full of endorphins, getting your heart rate up, and helping you feel refreshed and ready for whatever is coming your way.

  1. Improves Your Immune System

Because morning sex releases hormones and anti-inflammatory molecules and is a form of physical activity known to promote a healthy immune system, getting it on in the morning might go beyond feeling good. There is an excellent chance a few more morning sessions will boost your immune system and help your body ward off things like the common cold and influenza virus.

Morning Sex Can Be Easier Said Than Done

Working morning sex into your daily schedule isn’t always easy. For one thing, not everyone is into morning sex (or at least they don’t think they are yet). Additionally, some couples have mismatched sex drives, with one willing to increase activity and another fine sticking to the status quo. Add in the fact that the morning can feel like the wrong time for sex with the day’s busy agenda looming, sleep still fresh in your eyes, and morning breath that might not exactly be very kissable, and it’s easy to see why some couples avoid it.

But morning sex doesn’t have to be so challenging. Here are a few ways to give your morning mojo a go:

  1. Avoid face-to-face intercourse

If you’re worried about bad breath or not looking your sexiest first thing in the morning, then find positions that aren’t eye-to-eye. Try sex from behind, doggy style, or while spooning together in the morning.

  1. Shower sex

Morning sex doesn’t have to happen the instant you wake up. Go ahead and slide out of bed, brush your teeth, then meet in the shower for a sudsy session. You’ll get your rocks off and save time getting ready for your big day by sharing a sexy shower.

  1. Preparation

A little prep can go a long way. Plan your morning session the night before. Have breath mints by the bed, maybe a few gentle wipes; you can even place a basket with your favorite sex toys and lube next to the bed, so everything is right there. If it helps, set an alarm to be sure you have an extra 15-20 minutes of playtime in the morning. Come sun-up, it’ll be erection up!

  1. Sex doesn’t have to be intercourse

Morning sex doesn’t have to mean penetration. If you don’t feel clean enough or comfortable with intercourse, you can always please each other with your hands or sexual aids. Wake up your partner with a sexy morning massage, sure to get the juices flowing.

  1. Take advantage of weekends

Sometimes, weekdays are just too hectic to get into the mood. So, reserve morning sex for the weekends. Sleep in a little later. Maybe incorporate breakfast in bed into your foreplay. Make Sunday morning your Sunday morning!

  1. Remember, morning sex is not replacement sex

Morning sex is an excellent addition to your love life. But it should never entirely replace the great sex you have at night, in the afternoon, or whenever you and your partner like getting busy. If your partner is hesitant about trying morning sex, remind them that this is something to heighten your sexual relationship, not to change it or diminish the other great sex you’re already enjoying.


Morning sex is worth trying. The potential benefits for your relationship and general wellness are reasons enough to give mornings a spin. Besides, you won’t know if it’s for you until you try it. Sure, it may take a little effort to find your AM sweet spot, but isn’t discovering a new addition to spice up your sex life worth a little effort? Tell us what you think about morning sex in the comment section below, and look for more posts on sexual health and performance coming soon.

FAQs about Morning Sex

What are the benefits of morning sex?

Morning sex has been shown to alleviate stress, improve energy levels, and possibly even boost the immune system. Additionally, due to higher testosterone levels in the morning, males may last longer during morning sex.

How does morning sex compare to sex at other times of the day?

Morning sex can feel different due to higher energy levels and peak testosterone levels, which can lead to longer-lasting and more satisfying experiences for some people. It also sets a positive tone for the day, unlike evening sex, which may follow a long, tiring day.

Is it true that morning sex can make you last longer?

Yes, many men report that they last longer during morning sex because testosterone levels, which influence stamina and erection quality, are typically highest in the morning.

Can morning sex really boost productivity?

Absolutely! Starting your day with sex can leave you feeling more energized, happier, and alert. This can translate into increased productivity and a more positive outlook throughout the day.

What if I’m not a morning person?

If mornings are tough for you, consider trying morning sex on weekends when you can wake up naturally and have more time to enjoy it. To make it more pleasant, you might prepare the night before, like having mints or wipes nearby.

What if my partner doesn’t like morning sex?

Communication is key. Discuss your interests and preferences with your partner. You might agree to try it occasionally or find a compromise, like having sex later in the morning or on weekends. Mutual understanding can enhance your sexual relationship.

I worry about morning breath and feeling unclean. How can I handle that?

You can prepare by keeping breath mints or gentle wipes by the bed. Alternatively, you can transition to shower sex, where you both can freshen up and enjoy a steamy session together.

Can morning sex really improve my immune system?

Yes, morning sex can boost your immune system by releasing hormones and anti-inflammatory molecules. Physical activity, including sex, is known to support immune health, so incorporating morning sex into your routine could potentially help ward off common illnesses.

Is it okay to replace our regular sex with morning sex?

Morning sex can be a great addition but shouldn't replace your usual sexual routine. It’s about adding variety, not replacing what already works for you and your partner. Keeping a mix of different times and styles of sex can keep your relationship exciting.

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