Spice Up Your Sex Life: 7 Ways Lube Can Help

Spice Up Your Sex Life: 7 Ways Lube Can Help

Lube unlocks a whole new level of pleasure. Here's why!

Some sex is earth-shattering. Some sex is freaking good. Some sex could use a little added magic. But all sex can be kicked up a notch by incorporating lube into the lovemaking. In this post, we’re going to tell you why.

Lube has slipped and slid its way into the bedrooms of countless lovers, with more sensual options on the market today than ever before. You’ll find it in pharmacies, grocery stores, and online shops that specialize in adult fun, sexual health, and enhancement and fixing those little problems that can put a frustrating damper on great sex.

One of the best ways to rocket your sex life into a higher stratosphere is by experimenting with lubricants. It used to be that folks kept their love of lubes a hush-hush secret, but today, sexual lubricants have become a playtime mainstay, and for those willing to get a little sticky, they are taking lovemaking to the next level.

What’s so great about lubes? You’re about to find out as we list our Top 7 Reasons Lube Helps You Have Even Better Sex!

  1. Lube is for Lovers – One, Two, Or Quite A Few

Lube does not discriminate. Regardless of gender identification or sexual orientation, lube always feels amazing. Use it to make masturbation more enjoyable or to experiment with new body parts, new toys, and new places to put them both. The point is lube almost always leads to heightened sexual experimentation, and that’s always a good thing in our book. Even edible lubes from top brands, like Watermelon Flavored Lube from JO H20, can be a deliciously decadent addition to your love life.

JO lube - something for every body
  1. Sometimes, Women Get Overly Hot but Not Overly Wet

Vaginal dryness during sex is a common problem many women and their lovers face. There are a lot of different reasons a woman might have difficulty getting wet, including menstrual cycle issues, menopause, undo stress, and even some medications that can lead to vaginal dryness. But let’s get one thing straight. Just because a woman does not get wet right away doesn’t mean she’s not in the mood. Lube is an easy solution. Just open a bottle or tube, lube up, and get busy. We should note that if you are a woman and vaginal dryness is becoming a concern, you should speak with your gynecologist about possible solutions. But in most cases – lube works wonders!

  1. Lube Makes Foreplay More Fun

Couple in bed having funThis is especially true nowadays with options like flavored lubes and lubes that heat up. These products are not just about making penetration easier; they’re about making foreplay more free-spirited. Take your time and slowly slather lube on each other, and you’re sure to feel the passion heat up. Bodies slide smoothly against each other. Fingers explore easier. Flavors invite tongues to slip into new cracks and crevices. Are you hot yet? Imagine what you and your partner will feel when you lube up together!

  1. Lube Can Free The Mind As Much As The Body

One more great reason to add lube to your sexual repertoire is the way it takes the worries out of lovemaking. Perhaps you’re a woman who has experienced dryness. Maybe you’re a guy who has had problems making a smooth entry or who has felt guilty because sex became painful for someone you care about.  Lube removes these reasons for sexual anxiety and allows you to focus solely on pleasing each other and savoring every sexy moment together. Sex is an expression of the mind as much as it is of the body. When yours is free to let go and enjoy, sex becomes a whole lot more powerful and pleasurable.

  1. It’s Necessary For Good and Safe Anal Sex

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Technically, you could have anal sex without lube, and indeed many folks have used the saliva method. But lube makes anal sex far more accessible and more enjoyable, not to mention safer. If a person is not adequately lubricated, anal sex can lead to rectal tears and other physical concerns. Besides, anal sex is just more fun lubed up! If you’ve never done it, but are thinking about trying anal sex, make sure your first time lives up to the hype – lube up generously and often during the sex.

  1. Lube Is Something New, and New Is Sexually Exciting

If you’ve never had sex with a lubricant, you’re in for something unique. We all know that trying new sex stuff is exciting, whether it’s a new position, a new partner, a new toy, or a new membership in the Mile-High Club. When we try something sexually that we’ve never done, it tends to be a major turn-on, and lube fits that bill. Many people will tell you that using lube makes sex feel entirely different. It gets slippery and smooth and even more sultry. If you’ve never used a sexual lubricant – regardless of what your sexual preferences are – we have to say, “You’re missing out.”

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  1. Lube Isn’t Just Awesomely Erotic, It’s Awesomely Easy

There are a lot of things out there that can improve your sex life and strengthen any loving relationship you might be enjoying. But for many people, trying something too complicated or requiring much extra effort is too intimidating. Enter lube! All you have to do is open a bottle or tube of this gooey good stuff and let the hormones rage. Put it on, pour it on, slap it on – whatever floats your sexual boat – and go to town. Lube is probably the easiest way to improve your sex life, increase your willingness to explore new parts and positions, and free your mind and your body to let your uninhibited sexual desires take control. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to spice things up in the bedroom (or anywhere else), try the lube!

Lubing Up With A Condom

Before we go, it’s important to say that if you are using a latex condom as a contraceptive or for safe sex, particularly anal sex (highly, highly recommended), it’s important to choose either a water-based or silicon-based lubricant. Some others can cause the latex of the condom to break down, which can result in it ripping or tearing, thus defeating its intended purpose.

The Last Word On Lubricant

Sexual lubricants have become more popular than ever for the reasons we listed above and plenty of others. If you’re using a lube, you know how much fun they can be, and if you still haven’t gone there sexually, don’t you want to know what all the fuss is about? Give it a try. In the worst-case scenario, lube isn’t your thing. But, honestly, that isn’t very likely to happen.

Got any insight or tips on how lube can improve sex? Please go ahead and enlighten our readers by sharing your thoughts below. Look for more posts on sexual health and enhancement coming soon. Until then, happy lovemaking.

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